It's that time of day-or week-when you've just hit the end of your sanity. You're either hanging onto that last shred of dignity or preparing to throw it out of the window. In some cases you already have-and maybe even multiple times! When is that time? IT'S FRIDAY AFTERNOON!!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Beginning of Something Amazing...

Ever have those moments you wish you could record because they are just so insanely awesome? Well, we have. In fact, we've had so many that we can't remember them all. We-Bri and Mel-have decided to document the amazing moments of our lives. It all started with a summer job where we probably soaked too much sun, and accidentally inhaled too many paint fumes. This job only required physical works so our creative minds were free to roam. When you put two young, creative and imaginative girls together and too much time to think, you better be ware. You may find yourself thrown into the mix of purple unicorns and cleavage cracks of dawn!
This is just our personalities laid out there either by video or even just text. It's those crazy moments you never want to forget and will always continue to have, no matter how much time passes or how many miles apart you are...

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