It's that time of day-or week-when you've just hit the end of your sanity. You're either hanging onto that last shred of dignity or preparing to throw it out of the window. In some cases you already have-and maybe even multiple times! When is that time? IT'S FRIDAY AFTERNOON!!!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Makeshift Sunroof

The roommate and I had just parked her car and were beginning to walk back to the dorm building when I noticed we had parked next to a blue mini cooper. Now, I was standing right behind it and I realized for the first time just how tiny they are. I said to my roommate(who is only five feet tall) that that car even looked too small for her. This then turned into a, Imagine if a 6 foot tall football player tried to sit in the car. 
"He'd be driving with his calves. Not his knees, he'd be eating those!"
"He'd be driving with his big toe!"
"He'd be driving with one big toe and pushing the gas petal with the other!"
"People would be asking, Where's your driver's seat? because he couldn't fit."
"People would be asking, Where's the entire front row? and he'd have to say I couldn't fit!!"
"The car didn't come with a sun roof but it sure does have one! He just popped in there and popped it out with his head!" 

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